Allen G. Hansen was born November 23, 1948 in Jersey City, NJ. Raised in Union City, he was encouraged early on to pursue his natural interest in drawing and painting. He began selling his oil paintings at a very early age. In 1966  he attended Pratt Institute and graduated “Cum Laude” with a Fine Arts degree in 1970. After teaching art for 31 years he retired from teaching in 2001 in order to devote himself to his art.
 Hansen is an artist who is passionately devoted to capturing the spirit of a moment in time and space. “I create works which invite an intimacy with the viewer and allow him to become immersed in my emotional response to the subject matter.


 In 1998 after painting in oils using traditional techniques for over 36 years, Hansen discovered digital painting. As the technology became more sophisticated and the tools available more precise, Hansen began to push the boundries of digital art in his constant search for better ways to create his visions. The underpainting of each work is carefully painted on a Cintiq pressure sensitive display using a digital paintbrush. The image is then printed onto canvas using a high resolution giclee printer using pigmented inks. The painting is then finished using traditional techniques and acrylic paint.

Hansen’s more recent work has taken him in a new direction. Just as the Cubist painters realized that to capture the reality of a scene, one needs to show many views in the same painting, Hansen has embraced this view but in a new way. Using multiple perspectives, both close up and distant, Hansen weaves a NEW REALITY into his work. Color and composition are used to unify the images until a work is created that more closely captures the essence and spirit of the moment!