Artist Statement

I have always been drawn to the emotional power that color and images afford the artist. Impressionism, post impressionism and artists such as Cezanne, van Gogh and Matisse inspired me to see color in a new way. Pointillism and the optical blending techniques of Seurat have always fascinated me. My earliest works were devoted to exploring the challenges inherent in rendering images that evoke a particular emotional response. Over time however I grew weary of the limitations imposed by a single viewpoint in my paintings. I began to search for ways to incorporate multiple images and perspectives in my works. This approach allowed me the freedom to walk the fine line between figurative and abstract images. As time progressed I became more involved with digital imaging and the possibilities that digital painting software provides. Multiple images and perspectives provided me with unlimited creative possibilities.
A major shift in my thinking occurred recently. I have decided to embrace the digital world and how it can be used in a way that speaks about technology and our utter dependance on it. The “pixel” is no longer something to hide but rather has become a major design feature in my work. I am also exploring the very edge of abstraction by enlarging the pixels. When viewed up close, “LION” appears as an abstract design. As the viewer steps back however, at some point the image of a lion reveals itself!

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