Born November 23, 1948 in Jersey City, NJ. I grew up in 
Union City, Attended Pratt Institute and graduated cum 
laude in 1970 with a BFA in Art education and a minor in 
visual communication. Taught art from 1970 till 2001 in the 
NJ public school system in grades 7 thru 12. I loved turning 
kids on to the joys of artistic expression. As is the case with 
most teachers, I needed to supplement my income in order to 
support my growing family. In 1973 I created a part time 
graphics business called Sunshine Graphics in order to help 
make ends meet. My minor in visual communications allowed 
me to grow this one man show into a successful venture. Logo 
design, murals and graphic displays for large and diverse 
businesses allowed me the opportunity to supplement my 
teachers salary as well as stretching my creative vision.

I retired from teaching in 2001 and devoted myself full time to 
my graphics business. To stay competitive it was necessary to 
transition from hand painting art for my clients to utilizing 
the emerging digital technologies. I needed to invest in very 
high definition giclee’ printers for commercial output of color 
sensitive graphic displays. As time progressed and I faced the 
realization that I was about to turn 60, I began to long for the 
joy of unbound creative expression that I savored at Pratt. In 
2010 I began to reduce my attention to the commercial side of 
my graphics business and invest more time in pure artistic 
pursuits. In 2015 I finally closed up shop at Sunshine 
Graphics and began a full time effort to pursue  my creative 
vision. It was time to follow my bliss!

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